Our Story

Al Huda Academy promotes a fresh and unique system of learning. We embody traditional and classic Islamic scholarship combined with modern Western teaching methods based upon principles such as nurturing students and emphasizing on interaction and engagement. We aim to practise and promote the true image of Islam; through the ethos of our organisation and the service we provide, to the legacy we leave our students with through the knowledge they obtain.


Why We Exist

We cater to students all around the globe.
So why do we exist? Our intention is to spread the Deen and equip the Muslim ummah with the correct and authentic Islamic knowledge according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. We want to teach in a way that is authentic, academic, professional, spiritual, engaging and fun.

We cater to both children and adults. Whether you are looking to perfect your tajweed, or enrol your children into a Qur’an and Islamic Studies programme, embark upon an Alamiyya course or simply deepen your understanding of the Qur’an through a tafsir course; you will Insha’Allah not be disappointed. We will be introducing further courses in the near future Insha’Allah, so please keep an eye out and watch this space.

We have a multi-lingual teaching team with languages including English, Arabic, Urdu, Gujarati, Spanish, Bangla, Arabic and West African languages. Our staff are all highly qualified, having the highest level of accreditations and Ijazah. Our method of teaching aims to equip our students to become teachers within their own right. As a young organisation, we are continually seeking to attract qualified, committed and enthusiastic individuals who wish to teach/volunteer with us. We would be happy to hear from you should you wish to discuss opportunities!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to nurture, educate, and inspire. Our aim is to seek the pleasure of Allah by enriching the lives of individuals and communities. We want to enable people to develop their relationship with their Deen, in order to live more fulfilling lives in this world and be prepared for the next.

We promote an ethos of inclusivity: it doesn’t matter if you are young, mature, male or female. Everyone has the right to learn, and we want people from all walks of life to embrace the opportunity to learn from our trusted and engaging instructors and course leaders.

We lead upon an ethos of excellence, and we hold ourselves to a high standard for both teaching and professionalism. Our instructors are engaging, highly learned, and skilled with many years’ expertise.

We offer a comprehensive set of courses, which are tailored to suit all levels: from beginners to more advanced. We can structure the learning plans to meet your individual needs.
We are confident that our courses will enrich your life with the light of knowledge. Al-Huda Academy provides a platform through which knowledge is not only addictively sought, but also loved!

Our Values and Vision

Ultimately, the purpose of Al Huda Academy is to make Islamic education as easy as possible. We thereby aim to equip our students with deep knowledge and practical application of their skills. Through this education, we hope to raise leaders who will serve their communities and humanity at large.

Al Huda Academy runs on the backs of a highly committed team of staff and instructors, and we pride ourselves in our accessibility and approach-ability. No question is a silly question!

The vision of Al Huda academy is to foster an environment whereby all our students are able to apply a comprehensive understanding of Islam to their lives. We want the knowledge we impart to be lived through experience, not remain in textbooks. We envision our learning system entering the home of anyone who wishes to learn, and being accessible to all who seek a deeper understanding of Islam.

Meet Our Team

A highly committed team of staff and instructors

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Holuy Korand and rosary


Holuy Korand and rosary

Ustadha Leila Laceb Hamidi

Holuy Korand and rosary


Holuy Korand and rosary

Ustadh Ebrima Sallah

Ustadh Ebrima Sallah
Holuy Korand and rosary

Ustadha Houda El Khlia

Ustadha Houda El Khlia